Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I order today, when will my order ship?
A: Depending on the order volume and with holidays and promotional offers excluded, when you place your order before 2PM eastern time, it will most likely ship within the next business day. Serialized items are the exception to this rule. A priority of inerrant operation is in place to insure the correct items and serial number is disposed of and shipped. These orders typically ship within 48 hours of being placed.

Q: What does “in process” mean on my order?
A: You may see several status reports when referring to a recent order with AFS – In Process, Shipping, Complete, or Shipped. These are helpful customer insight tools that you may use to track the progress of your order through AFS. If you order shows “in process” over night or for more than 24 hours, it’s usually an indication you’ve ordered something that was on back order. When we ship the item, the order status will update to say, “Fulfilled.”

Q: What is the ETA on my item?
A: ETAs are usually not provided by Manufacturers. This is why we do not list any ETAs on our offerings. AFS Brand items are the exception.  (Example: 2-4 weeks.)

Q: How do I know if my order has shipped?
A: Tracking information is provided at the time of shipment. You will be emailed tracking information once your order has been packed. Please note: The tracking number for your order is the bottom line of the invoice email that we send when your order ships. It will start with either 9405 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx for USPS or 1ZE643R9xxxxxxxxxx for UPS shipments.

Q: Are there any restrictions on high-capacity magazines?
A: Please check with your state regulations/local laws for ownership of high-capacity magazines BEFORE placing your order. High capacity magazines are not legal in all areas of the U.S. No sales of 20+ round magazines to NY, MA, CA, CO, MD, NJ, and HI. It is up to the customer to comply with all laws regarding these items.

Q: Do you have a layaway program?
A: We do not offer a layaway program.

Q: Can you explain your warranty?
A: Products offered sold under the AFS Brand have a limited lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we’ll fix it or replace it. Normal wear and tear issues are excluded from our warranty offerings. Products not sold under the AFS Brand have no warranty or replacement value at AFS Arms. Please contact the manufacturer of the product to determine their warranty standard.

Q. Do you charge a fee to use credit cards?
A. No credit card fees are charged online or over the phone. You may also pay with a Money Order.

Q: Do you have any free shipping codes?
A: Any discounts or offers are listed in the Specials Category. You may also receive promotional offers within sales fliers and emails. Keep up with AFS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and for the most up to date discounts and offers.

Purchasing Firearms

Q: Do you purchase used firearms?
A: We do not purchase used guns or accept trade-ins from our website customers.

Q: What do I need to build an AR? What parts am I forgetting?
A: Rail? Trigger? Barrel? Give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in any way possible.

Q: Does my FFL need to send you a copy of his license?
A: Yes.

Basic Terms of Service

  • Advanced Firearm Solutions reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason we deem necessary.
  • If we believe an order to be fraudulent, we will attempt to contact you and verify that it is not. If we are unable to do so, the order will be voided.